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  1. Boon to Life

    Shristi and Dear Manjari have been like a boon to me , like a turning point to a positive stress free life . I really feel like family now as it’s one year plus with Shristi 6 am batch. The classes have helped me so much for overall fitness and health that I can’t thank Manjari in words. She is my best friend , my mentor and my guide 😊 Shristi , I owe u a 5 star 💫 and Manjari u r a super star 💫

  2. A place for your dreams

    I have had a very good experience in srishti. Srishti foundation is a place for fulfilling our dreams and excelling in our interested fields. Srishti is a very unique foundation because it helps us explore and achieving our dreams. A very few people get the opportunity to be a part of “srishti foundation.” So i think if you want your dream to be fulfilled and bring out your hiden talents it is the best place for you!

  3. From my experiance dr. Manjarichandra is a very talented and cool teacher. She is an amazing choreographer… Best eg. is her dance drama Haribhakthi leelaamrutha. In my child’s mind her teacher is a superstar.

  4. Natya Manjari.

    Dr Manjari Chandra is a fabulous dancer. I feel dance is her passion, her breath and I feel dance is her life. Dance is everything for her.
    She is not only a great dancer but a great Guru too. Having such a huge “shishya vrinda” she manages them in different batches. Gives individual attention, corrects every flaws of each student, appreciates if they do well. She is the most caring, punctual and dedicated teacher I have ever seen.
    My daughter is blessed to get such a teacher in her dance carrier.

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