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  • Creates lesson plans that are appropriate for the age and abilities of the students in the class.
    Evaluates student performances in class and on tests and provides feedback.
    Assigns special projects to students.
    Communicates students’ progress to parents, particularly regarding students who need tutoring or other extra assistance.
    Provides appropriate resources and learning materials for students.
    Identifies varying teaching methods that work best for students who learn differently.
    Develops and updates curriculum for the classroom.
    Conducts research.
    Encourages creativity in students.
    Maintains computer laboratories and keeps an inventory of supplies.
    Ensures that computer equipment is functioning properly.
    Maintains accurate records of students’ progress in class and on examinations.
    Keeps order in the classroom and handles student behavior issues in accordance with school system policies.
    Maintains an orderly classroom stocked with appropriate supplies.
    Stays up-to-date on changes and advancements in computer technology taught in the classroom.
    Petitions administrators for updated hardware and software for the classroom.
    Runs the classroom within the allocated budget.
    Keeps all classroom work backed up.
    Ensures that the internet in the classroom is used only for appropriate educational purposes.
    Posts grades and sends grade reports to parents as required by the school system.
    Teaches remote or online classes to adult students who cannot take part in daytime classes.

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