Million Pixels & Countless Smiles
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Every event is a blend of emotions and feelings. It unites people and brings hearts closer. We at Image Alpha Photography, strive at capturing those precious moments with our creative skills and help you in cherishing those moments forever. We cover Weddings, Gatherings, Parties, Outdoor Portraits and all other kinds of special events in and around Mangalore. Our tagline represents our motto : “Million Pixels and Countless Smiles.” +91 77602 26610

Address: Mangalore

4 reviews

  1. You are nothing less than a superman with your camera. Keep making the world colorful with your pictures😘😘

  2. All the best Roland Rodrigues
    Help the world to capture the beautiful memories

  3. Photography is crazy😍

  4. You are amazing mate! You capture not just the moments, but also the hearts of people with your exceptional photography skills.
    If anybody has a doubt, I can vouch for this man. He is a talented-yet-humble soul.
    Good luck buddy. Wish you success always.

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